Top 8 Easiest Marijuana Edible Recipes to Try at Home

Top 8 Easiest Marijuana Edible Recipes to Try at Home

If you have ever tried cooking yourself besides just making a bit of instant noodles, then you probably know how satisfying it can be to eat something that you have made yourself. When you make your own meals, it can be just as rewarding as various cooking channels make you believe. And if you like to use weed, then you will be happy to know that you can easily combine these activities. You can make more than just brownies, too, although they are definitely a classic that you will not want to miss out on.

Why Eat Cannabis Edibles?

Before you learn how to make your own marijuana edibles, you should learn a bit about why it is a good idea to use edibles from your favourite herb. You may have already tried oils, vape pens, or blunts, but edibles are something special. When you take marijuana edibles, you will have a more relaxing, special experience. They last longer when you do eat them.

This is because edibles tend to take a bit longer to be absorbed by your body. However, when it is absorbed, it will give you a different hit. This is because cannabis in edibles will go through your liver. On the other hand, when you vape or smoke cannabis, it will go right to your brain. That is why you get a fairly fast high when vaping or smoking. But your liver will metabolize the delta-9 THC into 11-hydroxy THC, which gives you a harder hit.

Even though it might take a little longer initially, you will have a more relaxing and deeper experience. So, you might want to take an edible in the afternoon to feel the effects in the early evening. Cooking for yourself is a rewarding experience. When you cook, you can save some money, and it is also healthy for you psychologically. 

If you like to indulge in some herb every now and then, you already know that it can make many things in your daily life, like music, even better. It can also make you hungry, particularly if you partake of it late at night. That is why an edible is a perfect way to enjoy this herb.

Don’t Forget to Decarboxylate 

Before you can begin to cook with your cannabis, you will need to decarboxylate it. This is important before you start to use any cannabis recipe. That just means you will cook it at around 101 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes or an hour. That will just make your cannabis more potent. Think of it as activating your cannabis. It will make the THC stronger. If you do not do this, then the cannabis may not have much of an effect on you. 

You only have to worry about this when you are making edibles. This is because other methods of consumption, like vaping or smoking, already burn the cannabis and activate it. When you are decarboxylating your cannabis, grind it up and spread it out in a thin layer on a cookie sheet. Stir it every so often, so it will get done evenly.


1. Cannabutter

This is a great starting point, particularly if you have never made a cannabis edible before. It is the base of almost everything else you will make. Butter is in many foods. If you are vegan, you can follow these steps with your favourite oil.

Start by melting a stick or two of butter in your saucepan. Add some water to make sure that it does not burn. Since oil and water do not mix, you do not have to worry about ending up with watery butter. It will separate once your butter solidifies again. 

Now, add some decarboxylated, ground weed. The amount you add will depend on how potent you want your butter to be. Allow it to simmer for around two to three hours, but be careful not to overheat it. You can also use a slow cooker instead of the stovetop method.

After the time is up, strain your butter through a cheesecloth into a jar or other container. That will remove the bits of ground weed. Place it in the refrigerator and drain off any excess water once it is solid.

2. Cannabis Bacon

While people may not be quite as obsessed with bacon now as they were in the past, a lot of people still love this treat. Just take some ground flower and sprinkle some on side of each of your slices of bacon. Put the bacon in the oven at around 110 degrees Celsius and turn each piece over after around 10 minutes. 

Then, sprinkle the other side and let it roast another 10 minutes. Don’t throw away the grease! You can use this in other dishes since it’s now infused with cannabis.

3. Cannaoil

You can easily infuse many different kinds of oils, like olive, coconut, or canola oil. Put a pinch of cannabis in your oil and allow it to heat for at least six hours, but make sure that it does not boil. Like with the butter, you can put a bit of water in to prevent it from burning. A slow cooker is perfect for this process. Now strain out the oil from your bud. 

This would be perfect to use as the base for a salad dressing. When you add the other spices, you can easily cover up the often-bitter taste of cannabis. Consider adding some vinegar and spices, like pepper, salt, garlic, onion powder, and Italian seasoning.

Marijuana Brownies

4. Marijuana Brownies

You can’t read a list of easy cannabis recipes without finding brownies on the list. There is a reason it is a classic. You will use your cannaoil or cannabutter to bake some cannabis brownies. You can use your favourite homemade recipe or use a brownie mix with cannaoil, water, and eggs. Bake them according to the recipe or box’s instructions.

5. Bud Ice Cream

In some cases, you just don’t want a baked good. If the weather is starting to warm up, you might be looking for something cool and refreshing. It is very easy to make cannabis ice cream, and you can do whatever you like to make it fancier. 

Start with a container of heavy whipping cream and melt it in your saucepan on medium. Now, add your cannabutter and put in some sugar to taste. Stir it all together and add some of your favourite toppings, like chocolate chips, nuts, or fruit. Put it in your freezer overnight. You could make enough to have several nights of ice cream!

6. Weed Tea

Having a warm cup of marijuana tea can help you start off your day right or end a relaxing night. It is pretty easy and simple to make, so even if you are not that experienced in the kitchen, it should be pretty easy to make. 

Start by brewing your favourite tea. Herbal teas often work well with cannabis. Then, add a bit of cannabutter, and add some honey, sugar, or milk to it.

7. Cannabis Milk

Start by heating up some milk in your saucepan over low or medium heat. You can use cow’s milk or nut milk. Then, add some decarboxylated, ground weed, and allow it to heat for around 45 minutes. Then, take it off of the stove and allow it to stand for around 10 minutes. You can use a cheesecloth with a sieve or a strainer to strain the mixture to remove the bits of cannabis. 

Put the milk in the refrigerator and add it to your favourite recipe or cereal. Are you more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker? This milk is perfect to add to your morning cup. Plus, it is cheaper than getting an order from a coffee shop.

Cannabis Smoothie

8. Cannabis Smoothie

This is an easy way to get your fruits or vegetables in while enjoying a refreshing smoothie. You can use your cannabis milk for this. Cut up your favourite fruits and put that and your cannabis milk in a blender. Then, put some ice cubes in. For instance, you can try banana, blueberries, and/or strawberries. This is a great way to sneak in some greens, too, since the fruit will cover the taste.

Cannabis Edible Safety

As with any kind of cooking at home, you’ll want to ensure food safety. For instance, make sure that you keep your dairy products in the refrigerator. Always follow expiration dates. But when you’re working with cannabis edibles, you’ll also need to follow some additional safety measures.

Remember how much stronger edibles are than vaping or smoking? That is why you need to start low and go slowly, especially if this is your first-time using edibles. Begin with about 10 milligrams of the THC and then wait at least two hours before you take any more. It can be tempting to eat a lot of your new edible, but it can result in you getting too high. If you really want to eat a lot, consider making a second recipe without cannabis in it.

No matter what you make, it’s important to label all of your homemade foods. That will prevent your friend, family member, roommate, houseguest, or any other person from accidentally eating them. Make sure that you keep your edibles away from your children. Keep them locked up or high out of reach. Tell every minor that these substances are for adults only and tell them what the effects are.

It is also important to avoid having edibles with alcohol unless you are experienced. It is different to smoke a joint when you have a beer than to eat pot brownies when you have had a lot of alcohol. Even just a little alcohol can make an edible much more potent. It can cause dizziness or nausea, which is also known as the “spins.”

Make sure that you have had a proper meal before starting to eat edibles. If you have an empty stomach, the effects will become much more intense. If you are having a less-than-healthy edible, like ice cream, you should have a nutritious meal before you begin.

Make sure that you do not prank anyone with infused foods if they do not know. This is irresponsible and potentially illegal. It is also dangerous for someone to take edibles if they do not know what to expect.

No matter how you eat your cannabis, it is important to avoid operating machinery, like driving a car, until you are no longer high.

Cannabis Edible Safety

What to Do if You Eat Too Much

Even if you follow all of these precautions, it is still possible that you will ingest more cannabis than you wanted. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to feel better. First, remain calm. You will recover, and you are unlikely to experience any long-lasting effects. Find a safe place and lay down. You will most likely fall asleep for the next 10 or so hours. When you wake up, you will likely feel very rested and a little groggy. 

Try to have some CBD around, as well. Many people believe that this vital cannabinoid has healing properties. Some users like to have CBD because it may lessen the effects of THC. You can feel less panicky and paranoid and make your high more balanced if you have some CBD capsules and CBD cannabis for smoking. 

To try to avoid getting to high, look for some regular snacks. For instance, if you are having cannabis chocolate, look for regular chocolate, so you are not tempted to ingest too much of the infused chocolate.

Closing Thoughts

Cannabis can make a wide variety of activities better. That includes games, late-night fun, and music. But it also makes food better. Take things a step further and create your own edibles to enjoy at any time of the day or night. Once you have the basics, like cannabutter and cannabis-infused milk, you can get creative in how you use it.

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