CBD oil for Pain: How CBD Oil Can Reduce Pain Almost Instantly

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CBD oil for Pain: Introduction

CBD Oil For Pain: Cannabidiol or CBD is dominating the market with unlimited health benefits and how it is changing the lives of the people suffering from all kinds of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. CBD is gaining popularity because it can never get you high. Unlike its cousin marijuana, CBD oil does not have an excessive quantity of THC. THC is the compound responsible for the intoxicating effect and in CBD oil, the percentage of THC is less than 0.3% which can never get you high no matter how much CBD oil you consume. CBD oil started to gain popularity due to its magical effect in dealing with chronic pains. People suffering from pain want a quick solution and after continuous usage of prescribed medication, they were not getting the desired result in a quick time. With the introduction of CBD oil, people start to notice the effect quickly and they started to shift from medication to natural CBD oil. There are numerous topical CBD products available in the market that are helping the people to get rid of the severe pains and CBD oil is playing a positive role in relieving the pain for the affected people. 

People adopted CBD oil to deal with pain, inflammation, and other health issues generated by them. When people get desperate, they started to shift to opioids which can be addictive and side effects will be doing more harm than good. With the case of CBD oil, you can never get addicted to it as it does not have any compound that can lead to addiction. However, CBD oil has shown impressive results for people suffering from chronic pains. For people suffering from epilepsy, there is an FDA approved drug, Epidiolex, which has CBD in it. Other than that you can get the CBD oil or other products only from licensed pharmacies for medicinal purposes.  

CBD for Chronic Pain:

Our body functions rely on the signaling system commonly known as ECS or endocannabinoid system. After extensive research and experiments, researchers came to know that CBD interacts with the core receptors of the ECS running to the brain and the immune system of the whole body. These receptors are made from proteins and they are extremely sensitive. These receptors are responsible for receiving the chemical signals from external stimuli and guide the cells to react accordingly. With the extra information, cells were able to respond to tackle the inflammation and pains. So, that’s how CBD oil can play a key role in helping out the suffering from chronic pains. These responses from receptors and cells are influenced by CBD and that’s how the researcher concluded that CBD oil can help in relieving the pain of people suffering from joint pains, chronic pains, cancer pains, neuropathic pains, and even muscle pains. So, all the studies point to the benefits of CBD oil and none of them found any side effects induced due to CBD oil. So, we can safely say that no negative effects are caused by CBD oil. 

CBD oil for arthritis pain:

Arthritis is a serious medical condition in all of the world and with an increased number of patients every year, it is clear that any alternative medication will be welcomed with open arms. There are two major types of arthritis. One is known as rheumatoid arthritis and the other is osteoarthritis. RA attacks the immune system of the body through inflammation and the body’s defense mechanism starts to attack its bones and joints. The areas that are commonly affected by RA are hands and feet causing severe pain, swollen joints, and unable to carry out daily life routines. OA is more like a degenerative disease damaging hip and knee joints. Bones and cartilage are affected severely due to OA and the people had to go through immense pain. With arthritis causing pain in the majority of the population, CBD comes as a savior with healing properties and helping in reducing inflammation. With inflammation lowered, receptors do not send a strong signal for pain, and the body gets relaxed. With the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can help the people suffering from osteoarthritis as it has the potential to relieve the pain caused by inflammation and joint stiffness. With the regular massage of CBD oil on the affected area, people started to feel better and the pain was relieved. As there are not many FDA approved CBD medication so this indicates that more study is required. But from the results at hand, CBD oil is certainly changing the lives of many people. 

CBD oil and cancer pain:

CBD oil with its pain-relieving properties was used by some of the patients suffering from cancer. Patients suffering from cancer had to go through extensive chemotherapy sessions and major side effects of chemotherapy are pain and vomiting. CBD plays a supporting role in minimizing side effects. CBD sprays are used to target the affected areas of pain and some patients consumed CBD products to deal with the pain. 

CBD for migraine:

CBD and migraine pains do not have very much to go as CBD alone does not lessen the pain. However, when CBD is combined with THC, more positive results were shown. People under observation revealed the fact that CBD alone only helped in reducing the pain and that with high dosage while the combination of two compounds, THC and CBD, helped in lowering the frequency of migraine attacks by 40%. The results were shocking as the combination of compounds was doing much better than many of the famous prescribed drugs.

Are CBD products legal?

CBD oil or any other CBD products derived from the hemp plant are legal on the federal level. CBD products are certainly under strict rules and regulations and not legal in all the states. As far as the percentage of THC is less than 0.3%, CBD products are safe to use. With CBD being legal in your state, you had to look out for legitimate companies selling CBD products as you don’t want to compromise on the quality.

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