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What Client Say About Us

I had never in my wildest dreams thought I could instantly make my net worth grow by over 22 times in one month. Clemence and her team took time to transform my mindset after which the possibilities became so real. I quickly signed up for an income builder plan that increased my net worth to 350,000 instantly. My input was only 1,500 and viola! i have my document to prove it. The mobile loans that i had been so addicted to ceased forthwith! I don’t need any of them anymore. I am free!

Creating wealth is not about luck or talent

You don’t even need to be intelligent to create massive wealth.

If you can calculate simple math; nothing serious just addition and subtraction… then you can create wealth to pay off any debts/loans

Anybody male or female, who discovers and follows the secret of the world’s billionaires, can definitely create massive wealth.

Yes, there’s a secret they’re not telling us.

These billionaires have abundant wealth because there’s something they know that you don’t know.

Think about it…

If that was not the case… everybody would be wealthy, don’t you think so?

Pay attention, because you are about to discover something that can skyrocket your finances and launch you into a whole new level of financial freedom…
Where paying bills will no longer be a problem… 
You won’t owe any man any dime.

Your children’s education and upkeep are already taken care of.

Where you don’t need to spend all of your time working, unless you want to.

Something so powerful the rich have been using for generations to create perpetual wealth for themselves and their family.
Only the wealthy have had access to what you’re about to discover now… But not anymore.

The only way to create wealth

You know what Pillars are, right?

Pillars used in supporting a storey building?
Stay with me, you’ll soon find out where I’m going with this.

What do you think would happen to a storey building with No or Weak supporting pillars?

You got it right.

That building would soon become a crumbled heap of sand and stones.

Do you know there are 8 Pillars of creating wealth?

Without these pillars, you might remain in the rat race all your life.

Also If these pillars are weak, your efforts to create riches that would protect you and your family from the harsh economy of the country would keep looking like you’re doing nothing.

Don’t you just wonder why all your efforts to build wealth are not yielding your desired results?


You’re either not working with these pillars of wealth, or your 8 pillars are weak. Therefore, all your efforts look like nothing. And make people think you’re either lazy or you’re not a serious person… because these pillars are not there to support you.

This is what the rich are taking advantage of.

They are not smarter than you, nor are they luckier than you are.

These 8 pillars are what they know, and you don’t know about.
Take a look at this…

During an interview with the 5th richest man in the world; The billionaire was asked the secret to creating generational wealth. Wealth not affected by the recession, bad health, economy of the country, or death.

Here’s what he said:

“Regardless of your specific stage of life, the Pillars of a Strong Wealth Creation provide you with a powerful focus for your financial decisions and actions. This can launch one into unimaginable wealth”

And he’s not the only one talking about the power of the 8 pillars of wealth

The richest man in China, whose net worth is more or less 66.3 billion dollars, also confirmed that the 8 pillars of wealth creation is the secret to the wealth you’ve been seeking, when he wrote on this…

Listen, my success-minded friend;

The only way to make enough money to live the life you’ve always dreamed of… or enough to earn the respect of your peers and make your family proud, and forever grateful to you… is not only by knowing what these 8 pillars are– but like what the richest man in China says; Harnessing the 8 pillars of wealth. 

You need to make these 8 pillars of wealth work for you, so that all your efforts would start paying off.

When you start leveraging these 8 pillars of wealth I’m about to reveal to you in a moment, you won’t need to spend your entire life working.

This is like the shortcut to creating wealth your generations to come will forever thank you for.

Without further ado, here are the 8 pillars of wealth that will launch you into financial freedom…

⇰ Mindset:- The circumcision of the mind.

⇰ Budget:- The blueprint to your liberty.

⇰ Savings:- Your Reservoir for a secured future

⇰ Income:- Opening up your potential for multiple earnings.

⇰ Debts:- Sealing every money leakage 

⇰ Banks:- Maximizing the powerhouse

⇰ Investment:- Securing your dream retirement. 

⇰ Insurance:- Safety net for Your Wealth.

If you’ve any wealthy man or woman in your network, you would notice they make these 8 pillars work for them.

And that’s the difference

The poor work for the 8 pillars of wealth creation, but the wealthy harness and make the 8 pillars work for them instead.

That’s the knowledge they know, that you don’t.

You’re probably wondering how to make the 8 pillars work for you.


That’s what you will discover and master in my 4 weeks re-branding workshop.

For 19 years working in a financial institution as a finance specialist, I’ve researched and uncovered how the rich manipulate the 8 pillars of wealth creation.

Not only that… Also how people like you can do what the wealthy are doing and change your life in 1 year.

Just like Stephen and Jane who were deep in debt up to their neck, before they met me.Their salary wasn’t enough to take care of the family expenses, let alone pay off their debt of more than $20,000.
After they mastered the art of making the 8 pillars of wealth work for them, they paid off their debt in 4 months!

Listen to them

These are just a few of the testimonies I’ve received from people who were just like you, but have created wealth for themselves after the→ 4 weeks rebranding workshop.

Yeah, it’s possible because…

This is not just your ordinary workshop— This is a movement! 

A movement to hand over to you your financial freedom.

What does financia freedom mean to you?
Is it…

Building your own house?

Buying your dream car?  Stop working that job that takes away your time with your family?

Clearing off those debts? Or  Vacations to countries of your choice?

Giving your family a beautiful life? No more money worries?

Which is it?

The good news is this… You can have all that and much more if you harness the 8 pillars of wealth, just like the wealthy people do.

And the 4 weeks re-branding workshop will rebrand you into the wealth club.
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Here's what the 4 weeks look like…

Week 1: Mindset Surgery– This entire week is dedicated to excavating everything within that is holding you back from making the kind of money that you deserve.
After this part, you will have the mind of the wealthy, a mind that attracts wealth.
A mind capable of generating million-dollar ideas.
This transformation is a must if you want to break free from the chains of lack.

Week 2: The Complete Banking and Investment Masterclass:  Elon Musk, the richest man in the world; calls these two “the biggest sector of the world’s economy”

Why? Because it is pursuing “the biggest sector of the world’s economy.” And he believes in this idea so much, he put most of his into it. He calls it, “the new game”.

✔You’ll discover all the secrets to hacking the banking and investment world. Secrets the financial institutions don’t want you to know.
✔You will discover my MPESA strategy to make the biggest economy work for you, and make you 13x times richer than you are right now.

Week 3: The Savings and Budgeting Breakthrough– This week you will discover how saving and budgeting in the smart easy style can save you from any money insults.
This is the pillar that helped Evans, a past student of the workshop pay his rent, clear his child’s school fees, and now, build a house for himself.
A lot of people fail horribly at this— But, you’ll discover how to tackle it the Smart easy way.

Week 4: Debts, Insurance, and Income Hot seat– This is the most sensitive part of the re-branding workshop.

You have no tangible thing to show for all the money you’ve made.

This week, every loophole that sucks away your money would be sealed up, when you pass through the 3- Step process.

This and more are all you get when you gain access to this unique masterclass. 

This is not just a workshop, it’s an induction into the wealth club.

You can never remain the same after the workshop.

Now, let me answer that question you’re itching to ask.

How much is the ticket to gain access into the re-branding workshop?

If I charge KES 15,000 for this workshop, it’s still because you’ll be earning more than that after the workshop.

But, I want this workshop to be affordable to anybody smart enough and willing to enjoy financial freedom.

That’s why the ticket to this 4 weeks re-branding workshop goes for only KES 5,000.

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Just KES 5,000…

To solve all those money problems keeping you awake all night.

To finally give your beautiful family the life they deserve…

To earn the deep respect and admiration of your friends and colleagues…

To get invited to high-profile interviews…

To finally build your dream house and worry no more about rent…

All these and more can be possible for you when you master the 8 pillars of wealth in the re-branding masterclass.

Hold on, There’s more;

When you gain access to the workshop, you will also get access to;

⇒ A private wealth club filled with highly motivated people that will challenge you… push you and hold you accountable until you achieve massive results.

This wealth club is worth Kes 2,300- But you get free access as soon as you get your ticket for the workshop.Please advise how we create this?

⇒A special edition of wealth creation ebook, recommended by the 5th richest man in the world- this is worth KES 1,500… but you’ll get it for free immediately you gain access to the workshop.Also advise how we access this.

⇒2-month private access to me; People pay KES 5,000 for a 1 hr consultation session with me. But you get Free 2-months access for consultation or to ask me anything.

You can’t find this bargain anywhere else.

There’s one problem though…

If you want to get access to these free mind-blowing bonuses… you have to get your ticket within 1 week. 

Because after 1 week all those bonuses will be removed, therefore you have to make your decision now.

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Would you rather spend your KES 5,000 on something that would profit you nothing, or would you rather spend it on a life-changing workshop that can give you massive wealth and financial freedom for life?

It’s totally up to you to decide which is the smartest choice for you and your family.

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The secret that makes the big boys millions is now at your fingertips.

What are you going to do with it?

See you on the inside.

 PS: This workshop is for you 

If you’re ;

> Professional

>Business owner


>Employee who works every day.

>A female who doesn’t want to be seen as useless.

>A male who wants to get back the respect and self-worth you deserve.