Dear friend,

If you would love to make good money everyday just by creating digital money bringing offers,

Then this is going to be the most exciting message you'd ever read on a Tuesday

Here's why...

I studied Bachelor of Education (Home Economics) at Kenyatta University. After graduating, I got a job with a college in town. I soon realised that the very little I was earning was not going to meet my needs. I asked my fellow tutors if they knew of another college where I would go and ask for classes

Soon, I was tutoring in 3 colleges. Teaching young ones was fun and exciting. 

One day, I found out that Safaricom Ltd was looking for customer service representatives. I asked for an afternoon off and took myself to Safaricom 

I was asked to apply for a  job. One month later, I joined the fastest growing company im Kenya. Safaricom was the dream company to work for. 

I worked for 6 years and had an exciting career and so much fun. I resigned to go focus on growing my idea.

After resigning,I realised there was so much one could do on the online space. The opportunities shocked me as much as they excited me

I began growing in the online space immediately. My account grew to become the go to account for people looking for inspiration

People started inboxing me with requests to help them get unstuck. I was charging little amounts or nothing at all. 

By doing so I gained experience, confidence and the genius I utilize today. 

Now, I charge Kshs 50,000 to have chats with people for 90 minutes. The chats are totally transformational.

Anytime I ask a professional or an entrepreneur ” If I charge you $500 for a sitdown and help you make $5000 , would you jump at the opportunity? You can guess the answer

This was the game changer…👇

I learnt to leverage the online space. I heavily invested in gurus to understand how the online space works.

They taught me a secret. If you want to make a living online, Package an offer!!! 


Before you:

✍Start a YouTube channel 

✍Start going live on Facebook or IG or whatever space

✍Posting on your timeline daily

Before you do all this, create an offer...

Any other thing you do will help drive traffic to your offer . If you start a YouTube channel, you can talk about your products or services 
Once I created my offer, buyers started to show up! I got bank alerts…my first bank alert was for $100!!!
I have never looked back. Today I get bank mobile alerts for different offers

Nothing stops you from creating multiple offers thus getting multiple alerts..Money alerts are sweet ❣️

I create offers every now and then. They are now evergreen because I don’t have to create again. Once in a while I will update an offer with information and increase the price…Booom🤑🤑

Offers can earn you $1000 in 10days!… You only need a $10 offer and sell to 1000 people

Or a $20 offer and sell to 50 people. How good is that?

Or a $100 offer to 10 people

Or a $500 offer to 2 people

And so on…

The secret is in creating offers, marketing them and then selling. 
Are you beginning to see how powerful this is?
So irrespective of what you sell, you can also learn this exact method I use, to raise $2000 in10 days!

And hey…

Selling your offers is not disturbing people

It is you taking solutions to people. Solutions to problems that plague them 

The fact remains this…

Everyone needs a solution to some kind of problem.

Practically everyone,

And good enough, many big brands use this same strategy to rake in millions of dollars.

See, there are lots of benefits having an offer can do to your life and business, but let me give you just two:

  1. You’ll be able to communicate your value quickly and clearly 
  2. You’ll be able to build trust and ask for pay. People will stop calling you for help without compensation 

But here’s the little catch here…

It’s not just enough to create an offer 

You also need to be able to create irresistible offers around problems people are willing to pay money for…

Whether rich, middle class or poor, one thing is common…

Everyone has problem that they want solved, it could be more money, good education, better relationships, beauty, peace of mind  etc 

But one thing is certain…

Everyone is in search of an easier way”, a “better solution”

Positioning yourself with your offers could be the game changer for you.

So, if your desire is to actually learn how to create and package offers that people are willing to pay you for:

Then this is the perfect training class for you…

Before you do all this, create an offer...

How To Create, Market & Sell your knowledge via digital products

In this space of 3 days…
Between April 5th & 7th
I’m going to lead you by the hand and walk you through …

DAY 1 (April 5th, 2022) : Build Your Personal Brand Into One That People Buy From.

Day 2 (April 6th, 2022) : Create Your Offers using simple technology even if you are not a techy

Day 3 (April 7th) : Create marketing strategies that help you launch & sell your offers & make money.
And each day will have 2 (two) sessions. 

First session will be 45 minutes at least. It will take place between 1-2pm at. Live Facebook Training. 

Second session will take place in the evening at 8PM. 

It will be a live Q & A where ALL your questions from participating in the morning session will be answered. It will be a 60 minutes session.

Imagine learning all this? I know you want to learn 
And by now, you know it’s a class you don’t even want to miss…

But for clarity sake…

Who is this for?

🎯Course &Content creators
🎯Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Influencers
🎯Business owners
🎯Service providers
🎯Entrepreneurs who has a service to sell

So, how much does attending this class cost?

If I decide you pay 15K for this class, it’s still not able to match the value you’d be getting…

But I won’t be charging you that…
So, instead of paying 15K… I’ve decided to charge only 2K

So to gain access to all of this…You get to pay Kshs2,000 only

Coffee money I tell Ya’

That’s the price of your weekly subscription.

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